V1 Golf App Reviews

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Efficace / The more you watch the more you learn

Mon coach utilise cette app. jai tout de suite accroché le support est intuitif. Génial My coach is using this app to teach me or to improve my skills. This app is addictive. I recommend.


For this Prise, IT is a gerat app

Best Golf on the App Store

I am a PGA Professional and I use this app daily. My clients are fascinated with the ease of use.

quick i-phone analysis

ideal for a quick check on the range with a friend. awesome!!

Fantastic, Klasse, Mahalo

The Concept behind this is Great. I am Training Since 3 years with it and its so nice to have all this great options. Sven Dyhr is a Great Golf Pro. Trank you for your creative ways of showing me a better swing with my possiblities. Alex

No possibility to test

Is possibly a great app, but until it allows me to connect and open it.........irrelevant which internet connection I have I wont be able to say. In fact everything else on the computer works just fine , only this doesnt. Hope to get some feedback to sort out the problem.

Pretty damn good

Good app, downloads could be quicker be near a charge heavy but excellent and fun, this will be great on the Ipad! Very handy on the iPhone, while on the range or even on the track, look forward to updates and additional pros and swing styles, come on V1 bring it!

Great golf practice and training aid

I am an avid (but not always good) golfer who regularly takes lessons. I practice frequently and usually with training aids. I switch to the front facing camera, put the iPhone on my bag directly behind me and keep it there throughout my session. I am able to see myself (sort of like a little but very clear mirror) and monitor backswing positions. I video a few swings, review them and then practice some more. Great app!!

Assistant professional

I purchased V1 golf for my iphone 4 and I have used it for many lessons! My students enjoy seeing themselves on the camera and I couldnt believe how clear the video was! It made it really easy to pick out the faults in my students swings, thus allowing more time to work on their swing. Great app! Well worth it!

Absolutely Amazing

Been waiting for this to be available on a Mac since I saw it on a PC computer. Keep adding more pro swings!


This app would be a lot better if iPhone camera could record faster then 30fps. I paid $10 for this app 5 days ago. Not too impressed.

Magic in my hand


Good app

This is a very good app for the price. It does what it says and you should be as to identify the mistakes in your swing from the video feedback. The video analysis alone is worth the price!


An awesome app. Dont hesitate to get it. You will be glad you did.

Very comprehensive app!

A little daunting at first but is an excellent resource

Great app but missing.....

Sweet app! Use it all the time with My students . However , I wish there was more swing samples to choose from, including tiger woods


Run much better on the ipad2. Video quality is great. Could be improved (edition, exporting, interface) but very usefull on the range as it is right now.


This app is so great for serious golfer!

Awesome app for serious golfers

I purchased the V1 golf PC version some years ago for more than 10x the price of this iPhone app. This one is easier to use and can be used on the driving range in real-time. If you are a serious golfer or golf instructor, this app is the one to use.

Just wow!

Reluctant to spend the $4.99? Wondering if it works? Forget your worries! Best golf app Ive ever or will ever own. Ok, maybe Im going overboard but easily a no-brainer purchase for anyone wishing to improve their golf game. Youll recoup ur $ in saved lost balls alone.

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